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Our vision

We aim to foster open collaborative science, decentralized, on a global scale.


We believe knowledge is a common that everyone should be able to contribute to and access freely. Today's lock down of knowledge by the publishing conglomerate prevents most of the world to access knowledge. As such, CommonGround is an open source framework designed for Open Science projects.


CommonGround is designed to help scientists do what they do best: produce knowledge. By proposing an ecosystem of tools for storing knowledge under all its forms and smartly recovering it, we wish to reduce the “dark matter” of all unpublished work or negative results sitting in local hard drives, and to attribute credit to where it should go.


Knowledge production is a collective endeavor. The right connection to the right user or resource might change the course of a project. CommonGround integrates at its core designed serendipity. We developed a theoretical framework to predict how team interactions shape performance and success. We are building a smart recommendation system, so that even the smallest contribution can be useful for the community.

The Framework

Building an ecosystem of open-source collaborative tools to integrate all the data in one place.


Build, Ship, Run


All the apps you need, all in one place


The ultimate chat platform


The mother of all wikis


Code, Organize, Publish


Share your files globaly

Our story

An ever growing collaboration.

  • January 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our story begins with frustration. When there are so many people working in the same area, why do they have to wait until an expensive conference so difficult to afford to meet and collaborate? In the era of social networks, why is it so hard to know what the lab next floor is working on? Why didn't we know about that cool conference two blocks away? Why do only people in academia have the right to access and contribute to knowledge? Our vision started here: building a tool for massive open science collaboration.

  • March 2016

    The iGEM study

    Because massively collaborative scientific projects are inherently impossible for any single individual to comprehend in their entirety, we needed to understand how people organize to solve scientific problems collectively, and use that knowledge to provide only the useful resources to individuals. In brief, we needed to develop a “science of making science”. To build that theoretical framework, we use a large dataset from the iGEM scientific competition at MIT. Studying open lab books of over 2,000 teams participating over 10 years, we extracted features that accurately predict their performance and success in the competition. We think of this dataset of the microscope of research, and our technology is built on its observations.

  • September 2016

    Epidemium Collaboration

    As a first application of CommonGround to real world science, we partnered with the Epidemium challenge organized by the community lab La Paillasse in Paris. A first version of this challenge already attracted 300 persons in the sole Paris region. For the second version, the aim is to engage 1,000+ people around the world to work on cancer epidemiology in a collaborative and open manner.

  • March 2017

    Launch of CommonGround

    The launch of the first version of the interface will coincide with the launch of the second Epidemium challenge in March. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the project!

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Our founding Team

Not-too-crazy scientists

Thomas Landrain

La Paillasse

Marc Santolini

Network Science Institute

Leo Blondel

Harvard University

We are three scientists who met at the Ecole Normale Superieure during our college years. And sometime, we play banjo.

Our Amazing Collaborators

Kim Albrecht

Network Science Institute

Robin Berjon


Olivier De Fresnoye

La Paillasse/Epidemium/Echopen

Nima Dehmamy

Network Science Institute

Brennan Klein

Network Science Institute

Christos Elinas

University of Bristol

Thomas Maillard

UC Berkeley

Michael Szell

Network Science Institute

Where we live

CommonGround is co-initiated and empowered by La Paillasse in partnership with NorthEastern's Network Science Institute.

La Paillasse is an open research laboratory working toward the rebooting of Science for our digital era, as a non-profit organization based in Paris.

The Network Science Institute, based at Northeastern University, is working to discover and inspire fundamentally new ways to measure, model, predict and visualize meaningful interactions and interconnectivity of social, physical and technological systems.

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